Used your product in my 1985 Dodge Ramcharger.
(318, 4wd) -over 10% increase in gas milelage.
Most amazing was it was always a bear to get into 4low. After putting AMSOIL in the transfer case it slides in real slick- really! At first I thought it wasn't going into gear but is was, so easy. Not one to sing praises of any product but Your Stuff Works!! Thanks.
Tony Fuller, Bosque Farms, NM

1995 Chevy G20 van, 305 auto with air.
183,600 miles, 153,000 of them with AMSOIL
Sent by; jhinish.

The city of Troy, Michigan has switched it's entire Police and City Hall fleet (approximately 150 vehicles) to synthetic oil.
With the help of oil analysis, we are able to extend our oil changes to 18-20,000 miles with a new filter installled at 9-10,000 miles. We are currently using synthetic engine, transmission and rear differential oil in all vehicles seviced out of the City Hall facility. (Police, Fire, Engineering, Assessing and Parks) With plans to change the remaining fleet of 200 vehicles at our main garage to synthetic oil soon.
Savings have been noticed due to the decrease in the number of oil filters and quarts of oil purchased and disposed of.  To date, we have not had to rebuild an engine or transmission with the new extended oil change intervals.
If you have any questions regarding this cost saving strategy, please feel free to call me at 248.524.3390
Samuel P. Lamerato
Superintendent of Motor Pool